How I Became a Novelist

I started writing my first novel (The Smart Kid) in spring of 2013. I was instantly addicted to writing. I’ve always been creative, but I had no idea that I would enjoy novel writing so much. Since I was under-employed, I had lots of time to write. I finished the first draft in a few months. Now it is Nov of 2013 and I’m still editing and polishing the novel.

My main profession for the previous 20+ years was as a professional magician. So I was using my creativity to express myself in my performances.

Also, I created a number of products to sell to magicians and other performers. A few of the products were books. As I look back at that creation process now, I realize that I really did enjoy creating those books, audio CDs and tricks. I enjoyed writing a number of instructional books on magic. But I still didn’t make the connection to writing novels from this.

I also have an inconsistent monthly enewsletter that I send out to magician subscribers around the world.

So I have been writing during my entire magic career, but never even considered writing a novel for a long time. But I did have this germ of an idea for The Smart Kid resting in my computer for a few years. I think that I had a note for it about four years before I actually decided to write it.

Now this book has spawned sequel ideas. So I plan to write a pentology (5 books), with The Smart Kid being the first one. I will begin writing the second book, The Sleep Jumper, tomorrow, Nov 1st as part of the NaNoWriMo project. That will give me a good boost on the project. While I write that, my editing of The Smart Kid will have to be put on hold for month.

I estimate that it will take me about 2-3 months to finish the editing of my first novel. Then I try to sell it.
But that’s another story…

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