Review of On Writing by Stephen King

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Sometimes reading an educational book, even if it’s on a subject you like, can be a chore. But not with On Writing by Stephen King.

This was a book that I wanted to read. It was almost like reading a good novel that keeps you turning the pages.

He starts with a brief biography of the things that were significant in his life that helped him to become the writer that he is. It was fascinating.

The second part of the book contains the instructions for how to write. But he wrote the instructions in such a way that they weren’t presented as rules: “Do this, and not this.” But more like examples. And he includes several helpful examples. This section is worth a second read.

In the last part of the book he even includes a before and after image of a portion of a story that he’s editing. It was very informative to see what he did to improve the scene.

Highly recommended.

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