Writing Inspiration #1- Pingu

My six-year-old son loves to watch the stop-motion animation Pingu.
And so do I.

It is about a community of Penguins and the named character whom the stories are centered around. Pingu is a young penguin about equivalent to an 8 year old.

Each of the 5-10 minute episodes are very visual and the entire story is told without words.
The penguins have their own penguin language which clearly conveys the characters emotions if not a clear message of their meaning.

I think that all aspiring writers should watch this show to learn how to SHOW and not TELL a story. Without words the creators are able to convey internal conflicts, emotions, hopes and thoughts of their characters. Inspiring.

Another lesson that can be learned from Pingu is how to tell a full story with a plot, conflict and resolution in just a few minutes.

You can find all of these incredibly entertaining episodes on Netflix.

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