Trivia 47 – The Smart Kid – Chapter 19

When Michael Shale enrolls at the University of Iowa, he meets his new roommate, Archibald Schneider.
From chapter 19 of The Smart Kid:

Archibald threw the covers back as he jumped out of bed, rushed toward Michael, and faced him, only inches away. Michael was taller than him.
“You’re a—”
“Whoa, Short Stop! You were gonna say dwarf or little person. Right?”
“Um, yes.”
“Good, Michael. Then I think we’re going to get along swell. Our only problem will be reaching the top shelf in the closet!” Archibald smiled.

A dwarf is defined as a person who is less than 4’10”.
Dwarfism can be caused by more than 300 distinct medical conditions, such that the symptoms and characteristics of individuals with dwarfism vary greatly.– Wikipedia

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