Trivia 44 – The Smart Kid – Chapter 18

From chapter 18:

“Pick who you want. Oh, except for one person. The director of DR&E wants to put someone on the committee. I owe him a favor, so I’m passing it off to you,” the chairman said, as he passed a cigar to Perkins.


DR&E stands for Department of Research and Engineering. This is the scientific branch of the military which includes 12 separate departments, including DARPA.

Maintaining a Technological Edge
“We’re investing aggressively in innovation. We’re pushing the envelope with research into new technologies – on robotics, data science, cybersecurity, biotech, hypersonic engines that can fly over five times the speed of sound, and I could go on. We’re drilling tunnels through that wall that sometimes seems to separate government from scientists and commercial technologists – making it more permeable so more of America’s brightest minds can contribute to our mission of national defense…”
Secretary Carter, Silicon Valley,
Aug. 28, 2015


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