The Smart Kid – Trivia 26 – Chapter 11

In Smart Kid, Chapter 11, Matt and Charleen listen to “Blue Moon” sung by Elvis.

“Blue Moon”‘s first crossover recording to rock and roll came from Elvis Presley in 1956. His cover version of the song was included on his self-titled debut album Elvis Presley, issued on RCA Records. Presley’s remake of “Blue Moon” was the B-side to the single “Just Because”. It was produced by Sam Phillips.

Additional trivia about Blue Moon:
In Jim Jarmusch’s 1989 film Mystery Train, the three distinct stories that make up the narrative are linked by a portion of Elvis Presley’s version of “Blue Moon” (as heard on a radio broadcast) and a subsequent offscreen gunshot, which are heard once during each story, revealing that the three stories occur simultaneously in real time.

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