The Smart Kid is on Kindle

The Smart Kid is available for pre-order from Amazon Kindle Direct.
Get it here:

Everyone who pre-orders The Smart Kid for Kindle will get these bonuses:
– Favorite Quotes search page. Find and check off 36 of the author’s favorite quotes.
– Trivia and Easter Eggs booklet.
Trivia: Since the era of the story occurs in the 1960s & 1970s, there are many references to events, technology, and pop culture from those decades. Each factoid includes some background information and a link to more information online.
Easter Eggs: These are facts that you wouldn’t be able to research online; background information such as why certain names are used for characters, the truth behind the fiction, and clues hidden in the story.
– Also, the first ten people to order will also receive a Smart Kid bookmark.
To get your free pre-release bonuses, email a copy of your Amazon Kindle receipt to You’ll receive these gifts after March 19, the release date.


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