Writing Rules #2

I submit my work for critique at the local Writer’s Club. Here is something I learned from one reviewer:

I had a conversation that was written like this: (The sentences are incomplete for this example.)
“Did you hear that ….” Donna asked.
Another woman said, “I’ve heard that…”
“Is it some kind of a…?”
Donna asked, “How could they do that?”

My reviewer suggested these changes:
“Did you hear that ….” Donna asked.
“I’ve heard that…,” another woman said.
“Is it some kind of a…?”
“How could they do that?” asked Donna.

The reviewer explained it by saying, “If the conversation is the most important thing, put the identifier after, otherwise it interrupts the flow of the conversation.”

As you can see in the example above, she is correct. The second dialogue is much easier to follow.

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