Book Review: Tesla – The Wizard of Electricity

Here’s my review of this book:
Tesla: The Wizard of ElectricityTesla: The Wizard of Electricity by David J. Kent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An easy, fun read. Because of the many illustrations and insets, it had a graphic novel quality that seemed to be appealing to young readers.
It covered his whole life from his young years in what is now known as Croatia, until his death in obscurity in the United States.
Tesla was a great creator and inventor and the book does a good job of describing his many inventions. It is surprising that a man who contributed so much to our modern lifestyle should be relegated to the back pages of our national history. Edison seems to get more credit in history than Tesla, yet Edison fought against the use of alternating current.
There are a lot of pop culture references to Tesla and the book does a good job of surveying them.
There were topics that I had questions about and would have liked to read more, like his use of the earth as a means of transmitting electricity and his belief in Martian aliens.
One “fact” that I dispute is the claim that Edison staged the electrocution of Baby the elephant in an effort to convince the public of the dangers of alternating current.
Any fans of history and science should find it entertaining and “enlightening.” Recommended.

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