Book Review: Faith is Like Skydiving by Rick Mattson

Faith Is Like Skydiving: And Other Memorable Images for Dialogue with Seekers and SkepticsFaith Is Like Skydiving: And Other Memorable Images for Dialogue with Seekers and Skeptics by Rick Mattson
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Review of Faith is Like Skydiving by Rick Mattson.

This is an easy-to-read book on apologetics.
It teaches how to give a defense of the Christian faith using easy to remember visual aids.
There is no theory in this book, only tested metaphors, images, and approaches to sharing the gospel.

The 214 page book is divided into four parts: Making your Case, Responding to Tough Questions, Science and Faith, and How To’s.

Most of the book is devoted to sharing certain verbal images to answer or counter common complaints and criticisms of Christianity or Christians. One image that I remember is that of the mis-used hammer: You don’t blame the hammer if someone uses it for criminal activity in the same way that you shouldn’t blame Christianity for people who use it inappropriately or for their own ends instead of God’s purpose.

Since Mr. Mattson has worked for years talking with skeptics on college campuses, he also gives suggestions of when and where certain word pictures might be appropriate.

Each chapter ends with a helpful chapter summary in chart form to easily review what you’ve just learned.

I really appreciated Mattson’s clarification of the difference between Modern and Post Modern skeptics. Each type requires a different approach and the author shows you how to determine which category a person belongs to.

Another thing I learned was the five thresholds of conversion. Too many Christians think that evangelism requires moving a person all the way from distrust to crossing the line of faith. Mattson says that God may want us to simply help a skeptic to move closer to the next threshold.

So it’s an easy read, with lots of memorable lessons and stories of real skeptics and the conversations that Mattson has had with them. As someone who has done Christian work on college campuses, I can attest to the practical value of this great book whether or not you’re speaking with college students. Highly recommended.

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