Evidence the Apple has lost its juice

I love Apple, Inc.

I’ve owned several Macs, iPhones, iPods, iPads and iEverything over the years. So it really pains me to realize that the company that I love so much is becoming less lovable.

I’m using version 10.9 of the OS for my MacBook Pro.

According to Wikipedia, the Mavericks update has a number of Finder improvements. One so-called improvement is the removal of the ‘Save As’ menu command from the File menu. Some of my software still has it. But TextEdit and Preview do not.

There is still the ‘Save’ command. But using this only saves the current program document using the current name, to whatever the current folder was where it was named before. So the user gets no visual feedback that the document was saved.

And this is my concern. I want to see the folder contents before and after I save the document.

The ‘Save As’ command would allow me to open any folder I want, and scan the contents to decide if its the folder I need to save the file to. And, an especially handy feature of the ‘Save As’ command, is that I could click on a file in the folder and that name would be copied to my ‘Save As’ name field. So I could easily select a name that I’ve used before. Or I could select a filename and then do a one character edit before saving an iteration of a file.

But now what are my options?


1. I can click in the title bar of the document and type a new name. This will rename the doc but won’t show me where it’s being saved to.
2. I can click on the small arrow in the title bar, which opens a small save box where I can type a new name for the doc and add any tags.
BUT, if I want to save the doc to a new location, then I have to click ANOTHER drop down menu labeled ‘Where’ to see a list of recent folders that I’ve used and may select from.
If I do choose any of these recently used folders I still don’t get any visual feedback that the file has been saved, or what the folder looks like on the inside that I’ve just saved the file to.
3. To get to anything resembling the helpful ‘Save As’ command, I have to click ANOTHER drop-down menu labeled ‘Other’. Then I can freely search my computer for any folder I want and see its contents as with the simple ‘Save As’ command.


I have to do, at a minimum, three clicks to do what I used to do with one.
And Apple calls that a ‘Finder Improvement.’
I don’t.

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