Writing Tools #2 – Hemingway

Besides ProWritingAid.com, my favorite editing website, I have another that I enjoy.
HemingwayApp.com is a website that will help writers to write more simply “like Hemingway.”

I’m impressed by the simplicity of the site, which is free to use. Just type or paste in your text, and it is instantly analyzed. Unlike, ProWritingAid.com, there are not dozens of categories; only six: Reading Grade Level, Hard Sentences, Very Hard Sentences, Adverbs, Complicated Phrases, and Passive Phrases.

Each of these categories is highlighted with a different color.
The best part of the site is that it will dynamically change as the text is edited.

If a sentence is marked red, meaning Very Difficult to read, it can be edited on the site until the highlighted color changes to yellow, which is one level easier. Experimentation will demonstrate how to make a sentence easier to read.

I’ve discovered that, in most cases, simply dividing a long sentence into two shorter ones will eliminate the highlights. I don’t necessarily believe that writing that is simpler is better, although that seems to be the premise of the website. But, I guess there is a benefit to making your writing easier, and therefore more accessible to all.

The highlights also make it easier to see how many adverbs you’re using (or over-using) in your writing. And, usually, eliminating adverbs for stronger verbs will make your writing stronger.

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