Welcome to the Author’s Blog for The Chrysalis Chronology pentalogy

Hello, I’m Bob Miller.

I won’t go into my bio, you can read that here. And read the one page story of How I Became a Novelist.
I won’t explain The Chrysalis Chronology pentalogy, you can read that here…seoreseller

The purpose of this blog is to support the world of Chrysalis Chronology.

The time frame of Chrysalis Chronology is 1940 to 2040.
Book 1 covers 1960s and 1970s.
Book 2 covers 2014.
Book 3 covers 1989-1990.
Book 4 covers 1960s.
Book 5 spans from 1930 to 2050.
So part of the purpose of the books is nostalgia: to remind readers or teach readers of what the world was like at those times. So there will be references to that here.

But there will also be references to the over-arching goal of The Founders and the topics that are touched on in this series:
-Time Travel -Cryogenics -Purpose of Life -Magic tricks -Quantum Physics
and probably lots of other topics too.

And I’ll be including anything that will help to give life to my characters and their world.

If you’re a new writer, you may find some useful info here about writing. I’m not an expert, I’m just logging the things that I’m learning because maybe it will help you to learn writing faster, and it will be a good review for me to look back an re-learn what I’ve forgotten already.

Best wishes,

Bob Miller