Chrysalis Chronology Book Series

Our History

Chrysalis Chronology, Int. was born out of the dire circumstances of the Stock Market crash of 1929, and the ensuing Great Depression.

The five original Company founders all were businessmen of influence in their time. Each of these men lost millions of dollars. But they joined together to create a better world where an economic crash could never happen again. Their vision was long-range and is still being fullfilled by their families, many of whom are stock holders, board members of managers and directors within XXi. (Greek for Ch Ch I)

In order to create the Future in the Founder's Vision, XXi has invested in scientific research, military development, geneology research, life-span enhancement technologies, quantum physics, time-studies, and self-identity re-actualization.

"The Future is Developing Now at Chrysalis Chronology, Int."


Dante James Wainright, Ph.D.


D. James Wainright is the grandson of the Founding Father, Rex Dominic Wainright. He was raised in the shadow of his father, Franklin Wainright, and groomed to replace his father, upon his death. At Harvard University, he studied Business Management, Bio-Chemical Engineering and Genetics.

His priority goals for Chrysalis Chronology, Int, are...


User 02

Dane Walker

Lieutenant Manager

As the Lieutenant Manager of XXi, he oversees all of the day to day operations, meeting regularly with all 20 of our Department Directors.



About Us

Chrysalis  Chronology, Int. is a collection of family-owned companies with a long history of scientific break-throughs, political and societal management achievements, and economic reform strategies.
All for the improvement of the world.